The Anunnaki Watchers

Billions of years later the Anunnakis decided to keep a watch on the paradise which was a small land mass with ocean on two sides fusing the sky and earth. They decided to keep a close watch to find for an opportunity to avenge the dishonor. Although they were unable to create the grandeur that they sought after, they were very adamant about creating a parallel heaven, a replica of the original.

When Alalu and king Anu had discord between them, Alalu was thrown out from the African continent. In his wandering state he saw a strange land where sickness was not known, pearls and muslin were adorned and the celestial being radiated like the dazzling moon. Alalu saw the creation striking, elevated, just and enormously superior to any of them. A creation as the moon, associated with the celestial feminine goddess. Alalu was flabbergasted and could not believe what he saw. It took him a while to understand that this was real. Immediately Alalu went back to inform king Anu about what he found on the magnificent heavenly land mass. Alalu thought the discovery, could negotiate his comeback position in Africa.

Anu did not believe Alalu at first. So he decided to send his eldest son Enki (called then ea) and his daughter Ninmah to check the authenticity of the information. The duo arrived at the location closer to the dreamland and both Enki and Ninmah were taken aback with the sight of the grandeur and exquisiteness of the valley and knew that the moment has finally come. The crossing from the dense forest to find the heaven situated on the other side of earth was the change for the wandering clan. Since they could fly with their broken wings, they settled at a distance from where they could keep a watch on the valley. They kept a close watch on the activities of the land. During this time they did not possess any technology to travel in spacecraft or shuttlecrafts or posses any freighter class crafts for commercial and military purposes for sky. The Anunnaki Fallen angels lived in the wilderness and the world was dark and cold.

Enki and Ninmah knew that there was no looking back as this is exactly what they longed for. They were thrilled and their contentment knew no limitations. At the same time both the brother and sister fell in love with the young striking Adamu.

Enki, Ninmah saw striking godlike Adamu, the perfect human could not be a match for their own minds and culture—who can demonstrate mental, emotional, and artistic potentials and abilities with scientific data and technologies that they did not possess. They decided to mix the Anunnaki genes with the Adamu genes; to create a new intelligent breed of gods. In this they felt they will look like the divine godlike striking Adamu with immortality. Enki felt that the search for immortality has come to an end.

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