The Anunnaki headed by Enki kept a watch on the valley for a extended period scheming the whole concept. They assessed the force and knew that their search now ends and the beginning of a new operation will begin shortly.

However Enki, the great scientist knew it was not possible to capture the enormously volatile power unless a major part is deactivated. This deactivation of the moon and the life form Adamu or the human will set him to deep slumber. Something like an anesthesia that puts you into a deep sleep so you do not feel pain during surgery and you will not be aware of what is happening around you or have any memories of the procedure.


The Anunnaki Watchers

Billions of years later the Anunnakis decided to keep a watch on the paradise which was a small land mass with ocean on two sides fusing the sky and earth. They decided to keep a close watch to find for an opportunity to avenge the dishonor. Although they were unable to create the grandeur that they sought after, they were very adamant about creating a parallel heaven, a replica of the original.

When Alalu and king Anu had discord between them, Alalu was thrown out from the African continent. In his wandering state he saw a strange land where sickness was not known, pearls and muslin were adorned and the celestial being radiated like the dazzling moon. Alalu saw the creation striking, elevated, just and enormously superior to any of them. A creation as the moon, associated with the celestial feminine goddess. Alalu was flabbergasted and could not believe what he saw. It took him a while to understand that this was real. Immediately Alalu went back to inform king Anu about what he found on the magnificent heavenly land mass. Alalu thought the discovery, could negotiate his comeback position in Africa.

Anu did not believe Alalu at first. So he decided to send his eldest son Enki (called then ea) and his daughter Ninmah to check the authenticity of the information. The duo arrived at the location closer to the dreamland and both Enki and Ninmah were taken aback with the sight of the grandeur and exquisiteness of the valley and knew that the moment has finally come. The crossing from the dense forest to find the heaven situated on the other side of earth was the change for the wandering clan. Since they could fly with their broken wings, they settled at a distance from where they could keep a watch on the valley. They kept a close watch on the activities of the land. During this time they did not possess any technology to travel in spacecraft or shuttlecrafts or posses any freighter class crafts for commercial and military purposes for sky. The Anunnaki Fallen angels lived in the wilderness and the world was dark and cold.

Enki and Ninmah knew that there was no looking back as this is exactly what they longed for. They were thrilled and their contentment knew no limitations. At the same time both the brother and sister fell in love with the young striking Adamu.

Enki, Ninmah saw striking godlike Adamu, the perfect human could not be a match for their own minds and culture—who can demonstrate mental, emotional, and artistic potentials and abilities with scientific data and technologies that they did not possess. They decided to mix the Anunnaki genes with the Adamu genes; to create a new intelligent breed of gods. In this they felt they will look like the divine godlike striking Adamu with immortality. Enki felt that the search for immortality has come to an end.


Paradise on Earth

The paradise on earth on the eastern side situated in the south of a nation was the perfect triangle of immortality, the brilliance of the moon fashioned the radiance on the garden, pearls of perception, solitaire of life essence and above all the abode of the celestial being.

Heaven on earth located eastward was a valley with mountains, bounded by oceanic water on two sides. There was no old age or sickness known here. There was no desire or hunger known here. White muslin and pearls swayed the celestial Realm. Sun was in no way an element of the bliss. The brilliance of the moon shone all over the glory. Time was not known. The division of day and night did not exist.


The myth of gold mining

The Anunnaki fallen angels were banished from paradise for their transgressing of the divine law. They did not come to earth to mine for gold or to make a shield to protect their ailing atmospheric conditions on Nibiru because Nibiru never existed and the Nibiru which they referred as planet was their mother ship, which was created billions of years later after the last ice age. What appears in space is really the shadow of Nibiru.

However, the Anunnaki were delighted to find gold on earth because they used it for ornamentation. They looked so hideous that they felt perhaps with ornament on their body they would enhance their looks. The body they got hold of with much of struggle was deformed, hairy, and they began rubbing gold powder all over their body to look special and glorious as they always considered themselves to be special and godly creature. The other reason being that gold attracted enriched waves of the Absolute Fire Principle the sun into their bodies and emitted it into the environment. This was their original obsession to the secret of gold mining.

They began their life on earth as slaves and also bred many slaves to work for them, and they produced many of the hybrid lower classes to do the same. Since they were cast out of their heavenly positions, the Anunnaki elite and their cadre of 12 followers was living in the darkness of the so called criminal world. As they evolved gradually they acquired the form of worms, bacteria and eventually evolved as lizards, dinosaurs, wolf, dogs and snakes and so forth. The more they experimented they could never create a perfect looking being as they wanted.


The Anunnaki Rizqiyians

Rizqiyians known as fallen angels has come to be known as Anunnaki who were flung into the earth in the dense shadows, for their disobedience. The constant intermingling with the three suns was the cause for their destiny on earth.

The race due to their own impure light established as the fallen ones from heaven.
When the guardian from heaven was twisted into an asteroid, the inferior one, superior of the impure became the father of evil Eloheem, Cherubeems.

Thou the inferior race was cast out of paradise their lower vibration egocentric personality always measured themselves to be superior.


Life as a Single celled to multicellular species

The Anunnaki angels divided into two clans led by Enki and Enlil. Ninmah/ Ninti / Ninhursag were a half-sister to both of them and the false divine feminine.

Enki took over the original Eden, his base in the ancient near east, until his mission was accomplished. While Enlil took over the Biblical Eden (Africa), which later was also referred as Planet Nibiru, held dominion over that entire continent. Eventually Enki established Egypt as his domain. Enki’s clan came to be known as a “serpent race”.

The Anunnakis (all of them) originally evolved on earth from a single-celled organism that lived roughly 4 billion years ago to the present multicellular species as human. After the last ice age, the main physical difference gave rise to the present Homo sapiens.

A shape lifting race filled with arrogance, cunning, concealed, deceiving. These were the original slaves that were underground billions of years ago on this planet. The powerful shape lifting jinn’s or demigods thrown out of their original homes without a spacecraft’s or missiles as what is been written in all their tablets and scriptures. These are stories to the human mind to represent themselves as supernatural heroes.
Infact they knew nothing and did not have the resources to create anything. All the myth and stories are fabricated by the Anunnaki gods who positioned themselves as supernatural gods in the mind of hybrid humans.

Infact they began their journey as slaves and did not possess the technology or knowledge. Of course they created their concocted history from stolen ideas and knowledge and with all the wrong substance and distorted the truth in their mythology.
In fact their history and mythology is a fraction of their distorted brains which is complete garbage filled with lies just like the conception of the universe.


Cast out of Heaven

The devil and his fallen angels were cast to the underworld earth where darkness prevailed. The land was dry with no water. These fallen angels are also known as the Anunnaki Nephilim (the race of watchers).

And they land into the depth of darkness, and with the impact created the asteroid belt throughout the galaxy and the fragments scattered on earth, their seed as meteorite. This was their crossing where life evolved gradually and soon they were wandering rootless in the dense jungles of Africa.

By nature they became more fierce, evil, lustful, incestuous, bloodthirsty, deceitful, jealous and domineering. They became carnivorous and cannibalistic. They never had any spacecrafts or rocket at their command. They were on their foot and wing. Later they also demanded human sacrifices of virgins from those they conquered and from their own kind whom they enslaved. If you imagine the worst characteristics you can conceive in Satan, you have concocted an impression of the Anunnaki. These fallen angels specialize in mind control and in voodoo witchcraft.